A Young Person's Guide to Inner Joy

Dear Young People,

We embark on this journey together. There is no more "me" or "I". We are "we". During times of trouble unification, mentally and spiritually (please keep practicing social distancing) is required to solve some of the hardest and most widespread problems that our generation faces. Along with the pandemics of this century, we face widespread depression, climate change, persistent social barriers, and political polarization. Whether we like it or not, it is our job to become the leaders of the future and have the means to take action in solving the problems created by previous generations (A.K.A boomers and Millenials), to lead the human species into a light-filled future. This will require immense courage, strength, patience, ingenuity, innovation, and collaboration, and it will certainly take a lasting toll on us. I believe that in order to become and act as changemakers we need the tools to take care of our body, mind, and soul. In this regard, young people need to be equipped with techniques to find and cultivate calmness amongst the chaos. In "A Young Persons Guide to Inner Joy" you will find this sense of calm, as well as cultivating a toolkit to sustain a high vibration. Remember, we are all changemakers. Stay tuned, the book will be out in time for summer!